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Important Information About Arizona Gay Rodeo

The cutoff date to make reservations at the host hotel is January 15, 2018. Call (602) 604-4900 and ask for the Arizona Gay Rodeo Association room block to make a reservation. Reservations cannot be made on line. Rooms will not be available at our group rate after January 15, 2018.

A commitment has been made that the arena will have a minimum of eight (8) inches of dirt, and it will be well-worked before the rodeo. A sound system has been installed in the announcer's booth, and several speakers are mounted throughout the arena. The alleyway coming into the arena is now covered and well-lighted. There are at least two (2) new side entrances into the arena.

Only on-line entries will be accepted for the three speed events and are limited to the first 45 contestants who register.
Entries for these events will open December 19, 2017 and close February 2, 2018.
All first-time contestants will be allowed to register and compete.

First posted Jan 3, 2018
Last update Jan 3, 2018