Rodeo School: Learn to Rodeo!

So you’ve always wanted to ride a bull, rope a calf or dog a steer out of the gate? Then strap on your boots, grab your cowboy (or cowgirl) hat, and get ready for an adrenaline-rush at rodeo school!

We hear folks from the world over say that they would love to participate in rodeo, but they don’t know how to get started. Well, IGRA and our local associations are here to help.

Come out to one or more of the following rodeo schools being held around North America and you may just walk away with a buckle. In fact, our 2011 Rookie Cowgirl learned the sport at the 2011 ILGRA rodeo school!

Rodeo Schools

February 14, 2014 AGRA Rodeo School Corona Ranch & Rodeo Grounds Phoenix
February 28, 2014 TGRA Rodeo School Dallas Fair Park Coliseum Dallas
March 29, 2014 NGRA Rodeo School Henderson Saddle Association Las Vegas
April 4, 2014 FGRA Rodeo School Bergeron Rodeo Grounds Fort Lauderdale
April 26, 2014 GSGRA-BAC Rodeo School The Thrill at Morgan Hill SF Bay Area
June 27, 2014 ARGRA Rodeo School Strathmore Agricultural Grounds Calgary
July 25, 2014 NMGRA Rodeo School Rodeo de Santa Fe Santa Fe
August 16, 2014 GSGRA-BAC Rodeo School The Thrill at Morgan Hill SF Bay Area
August 29, 2014 MGRA Rodeo School Lone Wolf Ranch Arena Kansas City


Upcoming IGRA Events

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