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Yolanda Deherrera, Miss IGRA 2017
2nd Runner-Up
(Michael Villarini

Yolanda Deherrera, Miss IGRA 2017 2nd Runner-Up:

Hello my name is Yolanda Deherrera,

I have been a member of CGRA for the past several years. I have been many titles on my journey to Miss IRGA 2nd runner up 2017.

My first title was Mr. GALA 2002 of all Colorado. With that title of Mr. Gay latin of Colorado I raised tons of money for lots of different charities, and one of a 2 person team that was one of the largest funds raised for that year.

I was also Colorado leather Sir 2006 and went on to compete for south west leather Sir 2007 in which I won. I did do lots of charitable fund raisers and had a great time doing both these title and got me involved in the leather community and have kept my ties to them as well.

I ran for my first female title in 2012 and which I became the ls1 runner up. This was Rocky Mountain shining star. It caused the promoter to spin off a new title. I wound up being the ls1 Miss Denver shining star 2012.

I then did not run for any more titles until Miss CGRA 2016. I had a great time that year competing at rodeos and doing the circuit. I have made tons of new fiends and new family members.

While I was off the circuit I started my own drag house in which I am the queen of the house of DeHerrera and owner. It has been a fun past 4 years getting the house up and running. I have done lots of fund raisers for lots of different groups across the board. I was also the First drag Queen in Denver to be on fox 31 news live on a morning show. I have as the house also been on several talk shows via the radio. I was also able to start up the ls1 Miss., Mr., Mister and Ms. Latin of all Colorado pageant as well.

With all this being said. I was able to start the first latin pride here in Colorado. I use my connections with IRGA to be able kick off a start to a long history here in Colorado. I being a native to Colorado and being half Puerto Rican. I had an obligation to do something that has never been done in both Colorado and IGRA. I planted a seedling and now I can sit back and watch it grow into something huge. I like being a trend setter. I also like having my mark in history as you can say! It was a ton of work, but I think that for it being the first year is was very good event. We are already work on next year's latin pride.

This is a little bit about me! If you want to know more about me and my crazy little self just ask me? You can ask anyone that know me and they will all tell you that I am a very friendly person and very approachable!!

lots of love to everyone!

Yolanda Deherrera

Miss IGRA znd Runner-up 2017

IGRA Royalty