World Gay Rodeo Finals® 2013 Competition Results

The International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) held the World Gay Rodeo Finals ® in Fort Worth Texas the weekend of October 17-20, 2013. The “best of the best” cowboys and cowgirls competed at the Justin Arena for the title of Gay Rodeo World Champion.  The top 20 men and women competed at the invitation only event. The competition was  fierce with IGRA season rivals pushing the limits of skill and speed. The event included the annual IGRA Royalty Competition where our rodeo community liaisons competed  for the title of Mr, Ms. Miss and MsTer in events like western wear, entertainment and interview.

In the Rodeo events, contestants competed at two levels: the rodeo weekend “average” winner ( WGRF Buckle Winner)  and the season long  high point winner (accumulated IGRA Season Winner).

All Around Cowboy

  • Men: David R. RRRA (Buckle and Season)

All Around Cowgirl

  • Women: Trenda M. OGRA
  • Season: Candy P. RRRA

Calf Roping On Foot

  • Men Buckle: Ryan R. SCCGRA
  • Season: Greg B. AGRA
  • Women Buckle : Tena M  GSGRA
  • Season: Robin C. TGRA

Mounted Breakaway Calf Roping

  • Men Buckle : Will L. NMGRA
  • Season: Greg B. AGRA
  • Women: Shelda W, NMGRA (Buckle and Season)

Bronc Riding

  • Men: Vince G. GWGRA (Buckle and Season)

Steer Riding

  • Men Buckle : Russell S. RRRA
  • Season: Wade E.
  • Women Season: Sara S.

Bull Riding

  • Men: Wade E. TGRA (Buckle and Season)

Chute Dogging

  • Men: Brian H. NMGRA (Buckle and Season)
  • Women: Ashlee L. CGRA
  • Season: Janie V. ARGRA

Barrel Racing

  • Men: David R. RRRA
  • Season: Darryl K. RRRA
  • Women: Trenda M. OGRA
  • Season: Candy P. RRRA

Pole Bending

  • Men: Darryl K. RRRA (Buckle and Season)
  • Women: Renita E. NMGRA
  • Season: Candy P. RRRA

Flag Race

  • Men: David L. GSGRA
  • Season: Brian H. NMGRA
  • Women: Robin C. TGRA (Buckle and Season)


Steer Decorating: Buckle

  • Todd T MGRA
  • Trenda M. OGRA
  • Season: Chuck B.  SGRA, Brian H. NMGRA

Team Roping: Buckle

  • Marty W. RRRA
  • Trenda M. OGRA
  • Season: Greg B. AGRA Darryl K. RRRA

Goat Dressing: Buckle

  • Brett R. RRRA
  • Russell S. RRRA
  • Season: Rob S. ARGRA, Rodeo J. TGRA

Wild Drag Race: Buckle

  • Ashlee L. CGRA
  • Sac John GSGRA
  • Gary N. GSGRA
  • Season: Chuck B. SGRA, Stud M. GSGRA, David R. RRRA

Rookie Cowgirl: Ashlee L. CGRA

Rookie Cowboy: Andy S. TGRA


The New 2014 IGRA Royalty Team

  • Miss IGRA Katrina Davenport – Las Vegas NV. – represented NGRA
  • Mr. IGRA – Jeff Germany – Ennis TX – represented OGRA
  • Ms. IGRA – Pauline Chavez – Denver CO – represented CGRA
  • MsTer IGRA – Rocki Heffa – Ft.Worth TX – represented TGRA
  • Miss IGRA 1st Runner Up – Kelly O’Neil – Alvarado TX – represented TGRA
  • Mr. IGRA 1st Runner Up – Lee Rodger – Dallas TX – represented TGRA
  • Miss IGRA 2nd Runner Up – Katrina St.Andrews – Denver CO. – represented CGRA
  • Mr. IGRA 2nd Runner Up – Ed Hamilton – Palm Springs CA – represented GSGRA

2014 IGRA Royalty Team

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