IGRA Announces Sanctioned Gay Rodeo at the Gay Games 9 in August 2014

gg9-big-1024x307The International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) board of directors sanctioned the “Gay Games 9 Rodeo” to be held in conjunction with the Gay Games in Akron Ohio in 2014. The decision was finalized at their recent board meeting in Denver, Colorado.

The gay rodeo cultural event will  be held during the week of August  9 -16, 2014 and   will allow athletes from all over the world to show, or try out their  “cowboy and cowgirl” skills in the traditional North American sport of Rodeo. In addition to the rodeo, international participants will have the chance to dance at a huge country western dance night and other western culture events during the week of the Gay Games. The first heat of the  GG9 Rodeo competition will begin on Sunday August 10, 2014 to allow attendance at the GG9 opening ceremonies on Saturday August 9, 2014.

While some rodeo events  occurred at the Vancouver games, this is the first time a complete  IGRA sanctioned rodeo will occur  as part of the games. Seasoned IGRA competitors will be on hand to help out the “rookies” and introduce them to the events and skills and safety aspects of gay rodeo. A full list of the events is available on the IGRA website at www.igra.com ( rodeo fans> event descriptions). More information about the Gay Games 9 is available on the GG9 website at www.gg9cle.com.

Additional information including how to register to compete, participate and volunteer will be made available as it develops on the IGRA and Gay Games websites.


4 Responses to IGRA Announces Sanctioned Gay Rodeo at the Gay Games 9 in August 2014

  • Ken Hogg says:

    I see there will be a full rodeo line up…. Will there ba a rodeo school for those who want to try an event such as bull or steel riding?…. Just asking…. My partner and I try to work several rodeo’s a year as chute crew members either with Jay Beck or Scotty…… We are considering going but only time and money will tell if we go .

  • Red Hodeo says:

    good question, I think a rodeo school would be in order and important. Clay and Vanessa do the rodeo school for Windy City/ILGRA. Someone like Bill Lyle does a good school too. I think really would be something that we have to do if we want new contestants. I think we should start fundraising to get this off the ground.

    Also, is it correct that all rodeo entrants will also have to pay the registration fee to Gay Games 9? While this is alot of money, it is an important event, especially for those of us in the midwest. Lets show some pride as Cleveland really is kind of hot: they have incredible art institutions, architecture, cultural institutions, Cedar Point isn’t that far away, its on a beautiful lake and the river hasn’t caught fire in decades. Akron also has some nice facilities. Its worth a vacation to go gay in Cleveland!

  • Kenneth Hogg says:

    I just got an email from Rob Smitherman from the Gay Games 2014…. he said I needed to go thru IGRA to find out if there are special rates at hotels and is the rodeo separate from the games?? ….. by that I mean a different arena…. their site says there is 165.00 fee for contestants but what about volunteers do we have to pay this fee and will there be badges to get into the rodeo part of this event…. this seems reasonable to ask these questions now so maybe we can get this settled ….. than you for your time.

  • Brian Helander says:

    Go to “gaygamesrodeo.org ” for the latest information

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